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Published: 5/19/2017 10:00 AM
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Kudos in Kulpmont

Kudos to the Kulpmont voters for sweeping out the old council and ending the nightmare. What a proud day it is seeing the people slap such a humiliating defeat on a regime of incompetents that almost bankrupt the town with their nonsense. The new council’s first order of business should be getting Councilman Walt Lutz to start attending every meeting like he’s supposed to.

You can’t fire everybody

New York City’s U.S. attorneys have been investigating money laundering schemes between Trump and the Russians. This is why Trump fired Preet Bharara — but he can’t fire everybody.

Reign him in

Only the Republicans have the ability to reign in the reckless, ill-prepared and now dangerous president.

Throw them in jail

According to the newspaper, “gray death” could be coming to Northumberland County. I hope our county’s drug and alcohol staff and judge and commissioners understand we need more prison cells, not more rehabs. If you sell, distribute or manufacture these drugs — first offense, five years; second offense, 10 years; third offense you go to jail forever. These people are murderers.

In left field

If Ralpho Township can afford to send a squad car with a uniformed officer to watch an entire Little League game, I think it’s time we look into layoffs or reducing our taxes.

Smoky vote

I tried to vote at my polling place, the Eagles in Mount Carmel, and had to leave without voting because of my smoke allergy. The place smells like an old ashtray. This should be illegal.

Tested before

Is anybody as sick of Snakehead Schumer as I am? I mean, the man is a human gadfly. He recently made the comment about President Trump that he has tested this nation in unprecedented ways. Apparently he forget about the American Civil War, the LA race riots and the protests during the Vietnam era.

Socialism defined

I just read Mr. Bomboy’s opinion. It seems he doesn’t like successful people who make a lot of money, but he thinks he deserves some of it. This is the definition of socialism — it works well until you run out of other people’s money. Maybe he should just try to be a little more successful.

Expanding horizons

The Sound Off editor claims it’s “sometimes hard to find good news about Trump.” Of course it is when all you have in your paper is Associated Press articles. You’re pursuing your sources in a vacuum. What’s wrong with Breitbart News or Washington Times or another conservative outlet? Editor’s take: What a great idea. We’ll start stealing their content tomorrow.

Good news

It sure was good to see on the front page something good about the teenagers, with Saturday’s paper and the story on Seth Schultz. God bless him. Hearing so much about the Penn State hazing where that teen was killed by the group of jerks who left him suffer, it was good to see this.

Past mistakes

The White House has mistakenly identified a CIA chief in Afghanistan. Also, the office has shared Syrian intelligence on terrorists with Russia. What’s the president doing? Oh, yeah, he’s out of office. This was Obama.

Revised refrain

Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up.

Change the locks

Quick, while Trump is out of the country, someone run over and changes the locks.

Free speech

Whatever happened to our Constitution? We don’t have free speech anymore. We have to be so careful with what we say.


What person in Coal Township in their right mind would want to merge with Shamokin and take on their debt? More than likely you’ll get less services and pay higher taxes.

Can’t let go

The Democrats in the Senate and Congress are destroying the United States. They don’t care about the people. There’s so much money in big politics that they can’t let go.

Forced to vote

I’ve been to more than five of Trump’s rallies and I support him 100 percent. He’s going to be the greatest president we ever had. But the Democrats are right: the Russians did get involved in the election. Putin sent the KGB over to the United States and drug millions and millions out of their houses and forced them to vote for Trump. Editor’s take: That a foreign adversary mettled in our election should be a concern to everyone no matter what impact it had or who the Russians were promoting. We can’t underestimate what they are trying to do. Can’t you hear them laughing, and scheming?

For what gain?

Would a wise man alienate his own agencies, create great turmoil within the country, diminish the American press and alienate our closest allies? For what gain? Thirty-six percent of America still supports him, which, of course, means 64 percent do not.

Stained reputation

Now McMasters joins those whose reputations will be forever stained because of their association with a president who is unable to tell the truth.


I am responding to the article about Den-Mar Gardens, and we are totally in agreement there should be no RVs in driveways or yards and nobody should be driving their four-wheelers on the streets. Something should be done about that to keep the area nice.

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